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Flat Feet

What Are Flat Feet?

Flatfoot is often a complex disorder, with many symptoms and varying degrees of deformity and disability. There are usually several types of flatfoot (flexible flatfoot, pediatric flatfoot, adult/acquired flatfoot), all sharing one particular characteristic: partial or total collapse (loss) of the arch.


Symptoms of a flat foot may include:

  • Pain in the arch, inside or outside of the foot
  • Knee, lower back and hip pain
  • Rolling in of the ankle (pronation)
  • General foot/ankle ache


A thorough foot examination by a qualified podiatrist is usually required to ascertain the type of flatfoot and dictate proper treatment. X rays may be necessary to assist with this.

Conservative Treatment

Activity modification, orthotics, shoegear modification, rest, and physical therapy all have a part to play in conservative treatment of flatfoot.

Surgical Treatment

Should conservative measures fail to relieve symptoms, your podiatrist may discuss the possibility of foot surgery with you, pending X ray findings and considering your activity level, age and general health.